Midweek Musings 



Happy over-the-hump day Thursday Londoners! Here are some tube musings.
– Swedish furniture lovers IKEA are sending out free ‘wall-anchor’ kits after two young children were killed by their chests of drawers falling on them. The popular MALM range has had other similar incidents reporte over the years and IKEA hope to raise awareness about the dangers.

– A young Londoner from Brixton named Kleyo De Abreu has died on holiday in Spain after a bungee jump. It’s been reported that the length of rope was not accurately measured and was the reason the accident happened. 

– For many years drag queens have been associated with Pride. And why not. This year though they will not be allowed to appear at next months event for fear of offending transgender people. Whilst it understandable to not cause offence surely banning these acts goes against what an inclusive event should represent? 

– On a much lighter note – Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are having a Twitter showdown. Ed Sheeran just got involved too! Go watch. Take popcorn. 
Christina x 


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