#ArtfulAugust – a daily Instagram challenge

Hello! We love a bit of Instagram (if you don’t already do so, you can follow us @theartfullondoner on Instagram) and so we thought we’d get creative, and we hope you’ll join us this August!

This challenge will run daily on Instagram throughout August, using the hashtag #ArtfulAugust.


What are the #ArtfulAugust challenges?

1. A summery hello!

Share a bit about yourself so we can get to know you!

2. Lazy Sunday

3. Watermelon Day

Who knew this was a thing?! If you don’t happen to be eating a watermelon, what’s your favourite fruit?

4. View from my window

5. Work out Wednesday

6. Thirsty Thursday

What’s your favourite drink?

7. Friday fun

How are you enjoying your Friday?

8. Festival fever

August is festival month, show us your favourite photo from a festival or gig

9. Cultural Sunday

Have you been to any good museums or exhibitions lately?

10. Office space

Let’s see where you work

11. Sum up summer

Show us that one picture that sums up your whole summer

12. World Elephant Day

13. Throwback Holiday

We’re all going on a summer holiday…

14. Rainbow

What’s the most colourful image you have?

15. Selfie Saturday

Go on, you know you love a good selfie.

16. Sunday Roast


17. Music makes me feel…

Does it inspire you? Do you have favourite lyrics you want to share?

18. TV Tuesday

What’s your favourite TV show?

19. Photography Day

20. Sweet surprises

Share your favourite sweet treats!

21. Film Friday

22. Day out

Where is your favourite place to visit? We loving hearing your recommendations!

23. Sunday brunch

One of our favourite meals, what’s your brunch of choice?

24. Monday Motivation

What’s getting you through the day?

25. Holiday heaven

Favourite holiday photo

26. Wine Wednesdays

27. Burger Day

Definitely one of the best days of the year. Go and eat a burger – we want to see!

28. Pay day treat

Any excuse for a shopping trip! Let’s see what you buy…

29. Landmark

London has some incredible landmarks. If you aren’t from around here, what’s the most amazing landmark you’ve ever visited?

30. Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival Day! Who is going?

31. Bank Holiday fun day

How do I get involved?

Easy! You could save the image above or like it on Instagram so you’ve always got it handy. Then, use the daily prompts to share your pictures! Take a photo each day, upload it to Instagram and tag it with #ArtfulAugust. We’ll keep looking through all of them, we can’t wait to see your images! We’ll post a round-up of some of our favourites at the end of the month!

What if I miss a day?

Not a problem! You can catch up whenever you like 🙂

Can I post the challenge photo on my Instagram?

Please do! We’d love as many people as possible to get involved!

We’ll post a reminder the day before, and keep an eye out on our Instagram!

Helen x


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