London Update

Well this is a delightfully rainy Monday isn’t it?! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I spent a lot of it painting my living room which was fun (and only slightly stressful) and now I want to transform the rest of my flat! I also went to see Southpaw which was very good, I may have gotten a little teary over it!

– An idiot (sorry, but there is no other word for it) jumped off Tower Bridge for a dare. He landed face down in the water and was extremely lucky not to have been killed. The RNLI have spoken about what a dangerous stunt this was and emphasised that no-one should attempt this. The 17 year old blogger and performing arts student decided to celebrate getting 25,000 YouTube subscribers. Personally I can think of better ways of celebrating…

– An architect from Dagenham has designed off-the-ground sleep pods in a bid to create a safe refuge for some of London’s homeless. The project is titled Homes for the Homeless, and the pods come with a mattress and storage space. Click HERE for more info.

– Arsenal beat Olympique Lyonnais and VfL Wolfsburg 6-0 and 1-0 respectively this weekend to win the Emirates Cup at their home stadium.

– A rickshaw driver was caught on film attempting to charge tourists £206 for a 10 minute journey.

I hope everyone has a great week, fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine – is our summer over?! Also, keep an eye out for a daily Instagram challenge that I’ll be posting about!

Helen x


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