Midweek Musings

Happy Snow Day! Well basically. Hope fellow Londoners enjoyed the tube strike as much as I did – pj’s until 12, lunch in the garden and writing copy all day. Dream. Here are some London happenings not to be read on the tube – because there are none.


  • Tube Drivers went on a full strike for the second time this year today with all lines across the London Underground Network suspended. The strikes are ongoing due to the stipulations of the new Night Tube working hours and drivers wanting higher percentage bonuses than has been offered. Apparently there will be a 48 hour one next month. Double snow day. Unfortunately, the tube strikes were not enjoyable for all with thousands of Londoners forced to find other ways to make their daily commute. 
  • In the Ashes England are winning against Australia. I don’t really have anything else to say about that. Oh, England are now batting. Yay cricket.
  • TAL fave Ed Sheeran is launching a free new single aaaany minute now online. He promises an extra special collaboration. Exciting.
  • The amount of Londoners cycling to work has doubled in the past 10 years, suggest a recent CENSUS. Team Cycling all the way. Even though I get the bus to work.
  • Man of the moment Idris Elba this week became the first man to feature alone on the cover of Maxim. Well deserved. All we need now is the next season of Luther to hit our screens. Here’s the Maxim cover shot for your viewing pleasure ladies;


Christina x


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