My Old Dutch Pancake House

Whilst planning a birthday surprise the other day I was searching high and low for an all day pancake house in London. They’re pretty hard to come by. Of course there’s the usual brunch offering like The Breakfast Club or Bills but these only have a couple of pancake options, I was after the whole hog – all day pancakes and only pancakes. Mmmm pancakes. Luckily I stumbled across My Old Dutch. What a find.



The pancakes. The pancakes were amazing. Sweet, savoury, sweet and savoury, mixed, little, fat or stacked. There were tons of options and yes, we basically tried them all.



The photos alone are making me hungry. The staff were also super friendly and happy to wait around for us whilst we drooled over the menu and ordered probably around 3 courses worth of pancakes each. They also gave me a voucher for free pancakes next time so basically they’re my best friends now.


The pancake trip was a birthday surprise and the chaps at My Old Dutch were more than happy to play along – serving us these yummy ice cream balls (ahem) on the house.

So, want the best pancakes in London? You’ll find them at My Old Dutch.


Christina x












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